Friends & Partners

We have relationaships with some pretty cool artists and makers and we love sharing business with eachother. Take a moment to check out our friends!

Friends of Illuminated3D do cool things!

We have lots of friends who are makers, artists, craftspeople, photographer and more. As small businesses, we like to share the share some of the love. Maybe you need a photographer for an event or a stuffed animal to give as a gift. Check out some of our friends, as they may make or offer the services you are looking for.


IceWolf Photography

Photography by: Alex Weisman

Our “in-house” photographer. With lots of experience in creating landscape imagery, shooting live performances, as well as fashion photography.


Outdoor Chronicles Photography

Lifestyle & Adventure Photography

Molly is a great photographer and wonderful person (also a college classmate). Specializing in outdoor adventure weddings and elopments.


Douglas Weisman Photography

It is impossible not to mention my father, I mean, he is why I do what I do and he taught me photography. From street scenes to travel, to documentary, to landscapes. His work is amazing and you should check it out.


Makers & Artists

Plaid Peach Clothing

Often upcycled, always hand made.

Handmade clothing and toys for children as well asreusable fabric items like unpaper towels, nakins and hankerchiefs.

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We are located in Mt. Gretna, PA. If you are doing local pickup, we will send you an address.