Using 3D printing to bring new dimensions to photos and artwork.

Art in 3D

We love art and we love making.

Coming from a background in lighting and photography we wanted a new way to display photos and other artwork. Enter 3D printing. We can take images and turn them into translucent Lithophanes which make fun new was to show off your photos, artwork, and memories.


Who we are

We are a small, family business of artists and makers. We like to blend visual arts with making and crafting. Our brother company, IceWolf Photography was our creative outlet for a long time. With 3D printing technology we have been able to add a new dimmension to our art.


Lithophanes: Illuminated Art

Bring your photos or artwork to life and to light in a unique way with our custom 3D printed lithophane lamps. We take your images and turn them into glowing panels for lamps and nightlights. It is an age old art form done with modern technology.

Beyond Lithophanes

We print many other items and we can print custom designs as well. Looking for a dice tower for your next game session? Nose clips for your face masks? Check out or inventory of stock items or contact us if you have an idea you need realized.


We are located in Mt. Gretna, PA. If you are doing local pickup, we will send you an address.

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